The chair of the Auckland Council Ethnic People's Advisory Panel has resigned, saying he has serious concerns about how the council is being run.

Feroz Ali said the panel, one of about a dozen created by the mayor, had no real status and was unhappy about what it was costing ratepayers.

"As chair, I found that the panel is only their (sic) for token consultation and frankly a waste of ratepayers money," he said in an email to panel members after tendering his resignation on Wednesday.

"Serious concerns about the governance in Auckland Council."


Mr Ali said that he had attended five meetings since being appointed, but felt uneasy about being paid $500 for each meeting he chaired.

Mr Brown said the resignation came as a surprise but that he was aware of there had panel members had raised concerns.

"I am aware that concerns have been raised and I will be calling a meeting of all the chairs of all the panels next week," he said.