A unique hobby in Matua and a disabled parking faux pas in Wellington are just two of the stories making headlines around the regions today.

An eight-year-long labour of love has come to a head for a Matua man - with a number of fully restored classic English telephone boxes finally restored to their former glory.

A Hastings City Council car has been snapped parked illegally across a disabled parking space in Wellington.

A famous song from Lorde's collection has been performed in a special way at the 'best' Lakeside concert yet. Check out the video here.


A 'passionate' Wanganui man will take up his late wife's fight for disabled rights.

Apparently there is a lumberjack on the loose in the Wairarapa.

A revealing new survey shows the internet habits of New Zealand's largest city - just how many are checking their partners browsing history online?

And finally, cowboys, horse riders, gun-toting baddies, a shoot-out, and highway robbers extracting tolls from passing motorists - Waimamaku went Wild West over the weekend. Check out the photos and video here.