A team of Kiwi nurses working as part of the international Red Cross Ebola response team in Sierra Leone got to meet Helen Clark this week.

Pictured from left, Rosie Adnitt, Jenny Munro, Sahra Ahmed and Rolands Selis joined the former New Zealand Prime Minister, who is head of the United Nations Development Programme, at an official UN reception in Sierra Leone. She toured Ebola-affected countries this week when she met community groups to stress the importance of community advocacy in stopping the outbreak.

Helen Clark heard the Kiwi nurses were in Sierra Leone and invited them to meet her on Tuesday.

The New Zealand Red Cross has sent 18 aid workers to Sierra Leone and Liberia since last August.


A spokeswoman said the nurses were internationally regarded for their capability in tough and demanding conditions.

"Given our size as a small country, our contribution is pretty significant."

There were seven aid workers in Sierra Leone, including Wellington Hospital theatre recovery nurse Jenny Munro, who is on a mission at the Red Cross Ebola Treatment Centre.

Ms Munro said it was a great honour to meet Helen Clark, who "seemed pleased to be hearing the familiar Kiwi accent".