Police say a booze clampdown, good-natured party-goers and lower crowd numbers have made for a hassle-free Sevens so far.

By 5pm today, only one person was arrested at Wellington's Westpac Stadium, Inspector Terry Van Dillen said.

"We've got a great atmosphere and people are enjoying themselves, they're having a few beers."

He said most of the crowd were genuine sports fans and high-quality rugby was focusing people's attention today.


World Cup-winning former All Blacks coach Sir Graham Henry and rugby league fanatic Mad Butcher, Sir Peter Leitch, were among faces in the stands today.

"There are no build-ups on the concourse. Everyone's here watching the rugby," Mr Van Dillen said.

Today's arrest "was for some guy that was immature and being a little disorderly" in one of the stands, the Inspector said.

"So he's been plucked out and we'll look after him for a while."

There were four evictions from the Stadium by 5pm.

Mr Van Dillen said there were 40-50 police officers in and around the stadium this afternoon, 10-12 in the Waterfront area, and there would be 35-40 in the Central Business District tonight.

There was a good atmosphere at after-parties in Wellington city centre overnight, he said.

There were about 15 arrests for relatively minor disorder-related incidents, which included public urination.


Mr Van Dillen said the public generally appreciated the big police presence in after-party hotspots such as Courtenay Place.

"There was a lot of interaction between us and the public, and the mood was really really good."

He said police would keep a close eye on city centre and waterfront nightlife hubs tonight.

"We'll be there in big numbers and we just expect people to have that common sense, be mature about it, and have a lot of fun."

Mr Van Dillen said the security situation was better than last year.

He said this was partly due to smaller crowds at the tournament but also thanks to stricter policing of excessive drinking.

"We've been a lot more strict around our alcohol management plan."

The inspector said police were meeting every hour to review the security situation.

The tournament final kicks off at 8.55pm.