A "lonely" man who masturbated in women's public toilets and pestered women for sexual services has been jailed for two months.

Yook Suk Choi, 36, was sentenced today after admitting one charge of obscene exposure in a public place and three charges of offensive language and behaviour.

Christchurch District Court earlier heard Choi's bizarre attempts at attracting the opposite sex.

At 11am on September 1 this year, Choi was found inside the women's public toilets near New Brighton pier.


A woman left her toilet stall and saw unemployed Choi "standing there masturbating".

The "shocked" woman asked Choi if he was aware that he was in the women's toilets.

"[Choi] replied that he knew that and the complainant ran out of the toilets," police said.

Just one hour later, a woman came out of the nearby Waimairi Surf Club public toilets when she was approached by Choi.

He asked her if she could take him into the women's toilet and perform a sex act on him.

"The woman was so concerned for her safety that she ran to her car and pretended to use her cellphone, which is when the defendant drove away in his car," the police version of events said.

At 12.35pm the same day, a woman was walking home along Marine Parade in New Brighton when Choi stopped and asked for directions to the women's toilets.

When the woman questioned him about this, he repeated his request and asked her to get in the car. When she refused, Choi asked her twice for her underwear.


The woman told police later she felt "disgusted and offended" by the incident.

Two days later, a Hei Hei woman was mowing her lawn when she saw him stop his car in the middle of the road.

Concerned about his actions, she "cautiously approached" his car and asked him if he was looking for someone.

He initially asked her directions to the ladies' toilets before asking her for her underwear.

When police caught up with him, he admitted the complaints.

"In explanation for his behaviour, he stated that he was lonely and he was looking for a female to hopefully have sex with."

In sentencing today, Judge Alistair Garland said the offending was committed while he was already undertaking community work for a previous sexual offence, and with no residential address, he had no choice but to send him to prison.