The boss of an art school that hired Raurimu massacre killer Stephen Anderson as a tutor is "seriously shocked" the school did so without knowing his history.

Anderson killed six people - including his 60-year-old father, Neville - and wounded four others in a deadly rampage at his family's ski lodge in Raurimu in 1997.

Almost 18 years on the former dental student - who was found not guilty by reason of insanity on six murder and four attempted murder charges - is a tutor at Wellington's Inverlochy Art School; with one of the school's online postings promoting his work describing him as a "patient and talented tutor and artist".

Advertising for his jewellery creations - some of which feature bullet casings - on auction website Trade Me describes him as a "Wellington artisan".


When contacted by the Herald on Sunday this week, Inverlochy Art School manager Mark Marriott was stunned to hear of Anderson's background. "Wow ... that is a bit of a shock. I understand he had an interesting background but I didn't know about this. Hell, I am seriously shocked," he said.

When asked if the disclosure of Anderson's offending would impact on the killer's role at the art school, Marriott replied: "Well, yes. I will probably have to inform our committee ... It is my responsibility to tell the students.

"I am assuming he's walking around free because someone's got confidence in him ..."

Marriott described Anderson as talented and a nice guy with a sense of humour. "We have had nothing but positive feedback from the students."

Anderson began teaching silver jewellery casting at the central Wellington school this year, and he has exhibited his work at local galleries. His jewellery range includes earrings from $90 to statement necklaces at $595 a piece.

Anderson has also been selling products online, including a man's .45 sterling silver shell case ring.

In 1997 Anderson gunned down 10 people, killing his father, Anthony McCarty, 63, Stephen Hanson, 38, John Mathews, 28, Andrea Brander, 52, and Hendrick "Henk" Van de Wetering, 51.

He was later found not guilty by reason of insanity and was treated in a secure hospital unit.


He was released into the community in 2009, and he later published a book of poetry titled Toys in the Attic. But he was recalled to hospital in 2011 after allegedly using synthetic cannabis.

Now Anderson lives at a rehabilitation centre for special patients in Porirua but enjoys regular visits into the community, during which time he does his jewellery tutoring.

John Crawshaw, Director of Mental Health said: "Anderson is being managed appropriately to ensure public safety."

Van de Wetering's son, David, told the Herald on Sunday Anderson should be using any profits from the sale of his work to compensate the families traumatised by his actions. As well as killing David's father, Anderson also shot and injured the Whanganui truck driver's brother, Rodney.

Stephen Anderson did not respond to interview requests from the Herald on Sunday. His mother Helen declined to comment.