A Tokoroa police officer attacked by a dog while attending a family violence call out remains in Waikato Hospital recovering from surgery to repair injuries to his leg.

The officer and two colleagues went to a Tokoroa property in the early hours of Saturday morning to arrest a man. He resisted and a dog at the property attacked one of the officers.

The officer managed to Taser the dog but suffered serious injuries to his legs.

Police said there was no suggestion the dog was deliberately set on the officer.


"Fellow officers deployed OC Spray which caused the dog to let go of the constable being bitten," a spokesman said.

"He was then able to deploy the Taser which disabled the dog. Fellow officers have then rendered initial first aid assistance to the constable and effected the arrest and detention of the man."

The spokesman confirmed this morning that the man at the address has been charged with injuring with intent to injure in relation to the alleged family violence incident. He is also facing charges of resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.

He appeared in the Rotorua District Court on Monday and was released on bail until his next appearance in the Tokoroa District Court on November 18.