New Zealand has ranked sixth in a global survey on the best places to live abroad, with scenery, landscape and weather listed among the most attractive qualities of life here.

The Expat Explorer poll is one of the largest independent global expatriate surveys. It is commissioned by HSBC Bank and has been running for seven years.

Between April and May this year, almost 9300 expatriates based in more than 100 countries were surveyed about their quality of life, financial wellbeing and ease of raising a family in their adopted countries.

Overall, New Zealand ranked sixth on the list of 34 countries; Switzerland took the top spot.


Among expats surveyed, New Zealand was judged as the best place to raise a child, ahead of South Africa, Germany and Japan.

It also performed well in the health and education sections and nearly nine in 10 expat parents in New Zealand said the safety of their children had improved since moving here, as well as their general health and wellbeing.

"The scenery, diverse landscape and good weather are also factors noted by expats in New Zealand. The vast majority of expat parents highlight the pleasant climate and scenery as a benefit of living there," the survey concluded.

"Alongside the above-average environmental factors, 73 per cent rate the environment as better than their home country, which all make it an ideal destination to raise active, outdoorsy and healthy children."

Six in 10 parents also said their children were more well rounded as a result of moving to New Zealand.

Retirees also rated the country well, with many choosing to move here to be closer to loved ones or to improve their quality of life.

Top Places

1) Switzerland


2) Singapore

3) China

4) Germany

5) Bahrain

5) New Zealand