A Facebook predator who duped teenage boys into online relationships has been denied parole.

Natalia Burgess, 30, is serving two years and two months in prison on charges of obtaining by deception and interfering with a computer system.

She created online profiles of women aged between 18 and 20 to communicate with teenage boys, requesting access to their social media and bank accounts.

Described as a "very complicated and complex young person" in a decision by the Parole Board, with mental health issues and a difficult family background, she was still "a high risk to the community".


However, she had received positive reports from prison authorities, and had been "quite stable in recent times", the board said.

It recommended she undergo one-on-one counselling with a psychologist, after she was denied access to treatment programmes because she is serving her sentence in a semi-segregated unit, meaning she is not allowed to leave that unit.

"We believe she is an undue risk to the safety of the community at this time. She clearly needs the one-on-one counselling, not just to address the criminogenic factors but also to help her prepare a directed, workable and relevant after release safety plan, and also a plan to address what seems to be intensive media attention," the board said.

"It may well be that on her release from prison that attention will continue and she knows how best to handle it without it causing further psychological damage to her."

She also did not have suitable or approved accommodation lined up to be released on parole, the board said.

Burgess will next be eligible for parole in January.