Tertiary students overwhelmingly voted for a change of government, university polling booths show.

The National Party's vote was more than 10 percentage points lower in polling stations at Auckland and Dunedin universities compared with the rest of the country.

Its support of around 37 per cent in booths on or near campuses was slightly up on the last election, but still well below Labour-Greens-Internet Mana's combined vote of around 50 per cent.

Support for Labour fell from the low-30s at universities in 2011 to the mid-20s in 2014. The Greens' vote remained steady.


Many students cast their votes in advance, an initiative that was encouraged by left-wing parties.

But despite Labour, internet Mana and Green leaders publicising the advance voting system, the early votes overall showed strong support for National at 48 per cent.

Internet Mana gained about 3 per cent of the party vote at university booths, slightly higher than its total party vote of 1.26 per cent.

Victoria and Canterbury universities did not having polling booths on campus on election day.

University of Auckland/AUT

Nat 36.8, Lab 26, Green 24.2, NZF 3.6, Int-Mana 2.8.

University of Otago

Nat 35.3, Lab 27.8, Green 25.2, NZF 3.2, Int-Mana 2.


NZ total party vote

Nat 48.06, Lab 24.69, Green 10.02, NZF 8.85, Int-Mana 1.26.