United Future leader Peter Dunne is the first person on John Key's dance card as he puts together a Government after Saturday's election.

He will meet the Maori Party and Act tomorrow.

Mr Key met Mr Dunne in the Beehive today with Mr Dunne's chief adviser, Rob Eaddy.

On provisional figures, National got an outright majority and can govern without support partners.


But he would prefer to have agreements for confidence and supply with his three former support parties as insurance.

Among the items on Mr Dunne's wish list is expected to be furthering his flexi-super policy, whereby the elderly can get their state pension earlier than 65 at a reduced rate or wait longer for it at a higher rate.

Mr Dunne is also expected to be offered a ministerial post. He was Inland Revenue Minister in the last Government until he resigned last year over his non-co-operation with an inquiry into a leaked report. He returned to the ministry this year as Internal Affairs Minister.

Mr Dunne was returned as MP to Ohariu with a majority of 930 votes. National campaigned only for the party vote and the National candidate, Brett Hudson, was elected on the list.

Mr Dunne has done National the favour over getting an extra seat for the centre right -- United Future got such a low vote nationwide (0.22) that it is was not entitled to any MPs from the Party Vote but because Mr Dunne won his seat, the Parliament of 120 normally has been extended to 121.