Welcome to our first news application at data.nzherald.co.nz which allows you to explore the election results for every electorate, every candidate and every polling booth.

You can see how every vote was cast in the 2014 election. Readers can search all 71 electorates - both general and Maori - and zoom in to see how the country voted right down to individual polling booths.


Click on a booth marker to bring up the candidate and party vote results at that particular polling booth. Those electorate and poll booths were updated last night as the Electoral Commission released the official election results.

Readers can also switch between new and old electorate boundaries, to show how the recent changes might affect the outcome of the election.

On top of the election results, each page has an electorate "profile" showing the income and ethnicity breakdown for each seat in the country.

The application was produced by the Herald data editor Harkanwal Singh, Caleb Tutty and Huong Vu. If you have any questions or suggestion to improve the application at within the next few days, please let us know.