The Mana Party would remove all pokies and liquor outlets from impoverished communities if in government, the party's leader Hone Harawira announced in Otahuhu today.

"Predators on poverty" were deliberately targeting low-income areas, particularly communities with high Maori and Pasifika populations, and Mana's policy would stop them in their tracks, he said.

Mr Harawira, accompanied by Mana candidate John Minto, outlined the party's policy to tackle the three key "predators" which they said targeted low income communities -- the alcohol industry, gaming machine operators and loan sharks.

Large liquor companies deliberately encouraged binge drinking with targeted products, Mr Harawira said.


In April 2012, the Distilled Spirits Association promised to implement a code of practice to limit the production and distribution of new RTDs to a maximum of two standard drinks per single container, he said.

However, their words were rendered worthless while products such as pre-mixed three litre vodka and raspberry containing 21 standard drinks remained on the market, Mr Harawira said.

Mana would ban such products and raise the minimum purchase age to 20 with a five-year sunset clause "to give time for the alcohol industry to be better regulated to end their predatory practices", he said.

"The booze industry can't be trusted with the welfare of our teenager.s"

The party would also repeal liquor licences from outlets in low-income communities and require them to reapply, giving communities a veto over whether licences could be granted or not, he said.

Mana would also remove all gaming machines nationwide and subject loan sharks to tighter regulation by setting a maximum interest rate at 20 per cent per annum -- the same as that of a typical credit card, Mr Harawira said.

The party would also provide families with low interest loans via Kiwibank with associated budgeting advice where needed, he said.

"Internet Mana guarantees that when we get into Parliament -- and we're going to get in [with] not just me, I'm going to get in with at least three or four others according to current polls -- we will go after these buggers and we'll make sure that they get shut down."


Mana's predators on poverty policy:

* Give communities a veto over whether and where liquor outlets are established

* End alcohol advertising on radio and TV and replace sponsorship of cultural and sports events by alcohol companies with government funding

* Abolish pokie machines from local communities and allow a community veto on pokies in casinos

* Cancel National's convention centre deal with SkyCity

* End gambling advertising in all media

* Regulate loan sharks and restrict banks' profit margins on loans, credit cards, and mortgages