Children may have been put at risk when they were transported in a car with a sawn-off shotgun concealed under a mat, police say.

Detective Sergeant Neville Ross of the Waikato Crime Prevention Team said concern arose when police located a Honda Odyssey that was sought in relation to a burglary in Hamilton last week.

"The car was located at the house next door about 2pm yesterday, and concealed under a mat between the seats was a sawn-off shotgun," he said.

"Of particular concern for police is the people linked to the address and the car have children aged between two and six years old and we would be concerned about children like this being transported in a vehicle with such items hidden inside."


Police also found cannabis at the property and utensils used in the consumption of methamphetamine.

"One person at the address being searched was arrested on outstanding warrants while two others were arrested for drug related offending," Mr Ross said.

"On our return for follow up enquiries today another person was arrested for drug offending and we are still investigating in relationship to the circumstances around possession of the shotgun."

Mr Ross said the focus by police on gun-related dishonesty offending continued today with two stolen guns recovered from a property shortly before 8.30am.

"Assisted by members of the Waikato Armed Offenders Squad our team went to a Dinsdale address where a stolen shotgun, .22 cal rifle and a Ghurkha Kukri knife were recovered.

"While searching the home the remnants of methamphetamine use were found and three people now face charges, and our enquiries into this matter are also still continuing."

Mr Ross said the correlation between dishonesty offending, illicit drugs and illegally held firearms was of continuing concern for police.