Green co-leaders Russel Norman and Metiria Turei want to be in a full coalition with Labour and have senior Cabinet positions that reflect their party's priorities, social justice and the economy.

And they say that the possibility of sharing the role of deputy prime minister has to be on the negotiation table.

"We don't have any bottom lines so there is no price as such but we want senior Cabinet positions," Mrs Turei said.

The pair were speaking in the Herald's series of Hot Seat video interviews with party leaders.


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Mrs Turei has made child poverty her priority while Dr Norman has focused on the economy and green innovation.

"We are absolutely ready to take government at the next election," said Mrs Turei.

"We have been working extremely hard over the last 15 years as a political organisation, as a parliamentary organisation. We are ready now to take that next step."

Dr Norman insisted he was also ready to take the responsibilities of government.

Mrs Turei said the Greens could easily take 100,000 children out of poverty.

Since the interview was held, the Greens announced a new top tax rate of 40 per cent on income over $140,000, which they estimate would generate $1 billion annually to be spent on measures such as a new children's credit of $60 a week to poor families and other payments.

Dr Norman is especially enthusiastic about geothermal energy.


"It happens to be the fastest growing electricity generation sector in the world according to the International Energy Agency and it's set to overtake gas as the second-biggest source of electricity in the world.

"This is the green economy. It is happening right in front of us."

The interview was conducted on August 5, 2014.