United Future leader Peter Dunne is Parliament's longest continuously serving MP and has worked with both Labour and National.

In the Herald's Hot Seat video interview he talks about Helen Clark and John Key, his next goals, and looks back at the turmoil over a leaked spy report which resulted in his resignation.

The Hot Seat panel is NewstalkZB host Rachel Smalley, Herald columnists Toby Manhire and Fran O'Sullivan and political editor Audrey Young.

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The difference between Key and Clark and what he really thinks about spying: What topics Peter Dunne discussed and where to find them in the full United Future interview
38s Secret to survival.


1m 20s What he offers voters outside Ohariu

2m 14s Why the party has shrunk from 8 MPs to just one

2m 59s The prospect of a Nick Clegg-style surge - like the worm

3m 59s "Far prefer" to work with National

5m 20s No compromise on tax or families

6m 39s The evolution of MMP Government

8m 05s Ministerial portfolios, speakership and a short temper

10m 20s Role in psycho-active substances law and the "beat-up campaign"

12m 37s Flexible superannuation


15m 35s Lochinver station sale and racial overtones to foreign investment

17m 37s Concerns about intensification of farming in NZ

18m 38s Stopping National's reforms of the Resource Management Act

22m 15s Differences between Helen Clark and John Key

23m 32s The leak of the Kitteridge report on the GCSB

26m 44s Sceptical about conduct of GCSB and SIS

29m 14s Edward Snowden

29m 55s Dealing with risks and farcical methods of the Intelligence & Security Committee

31m 57s Relevance of Treaty of Waitangi in modern New Zealand

32m 27s Race debate in election campaign and "insidious" parties

34m Life after politics

The interview was conducted on August 7.
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