I often walk from the new overbridge that crosses Tamaki Drive beside the Parnell Pools to Okahu Bay. Three hundred metres east of the overbridge is Pt Resolution Estuary Bridge. At each end of it are stone steps leading down to the water, and at the bottom of the steps is/was a narrow walkway that led under the bridge.
Two years ago, I noticed that some of the stone blocks supporting the wall of the bridge had been dislodged by the sea. I called the mayoral office to advise , knowing that if it wasn't repaired, the sea would eat away at it and cause considerably more damage.
Nothing has been done to the wall since my phone call and I note that the walkway under the bridge has now been undermined and is no longer visible.
Does the council have plans to deal with this comparatively small job before the foundations of the bridge are undermined?
Spencer Brownlow, East Auckland.

Auckland Transport staff have made repairs to the sea wall at a number of other locations and they are aware further repairs are needed at this location. These are scheduled for later in the year.

However, the steps leading down to the harbour edge at this location are not intended to provide access for the public under the road and rail bridges and on to Hobson Bay.

The structure described is not a public walkway but is in fact the top of a bond beam on top of the existing sea wall.


Could you tell me if traffic signals are planned to go ahead at the junction of Tamaki Drive and Ngapipi Rd?
If these are to go ahead, as a user of T2 on Tamaki Drive, would it be advantageous to ease congestion by also making Quay St from the Strand also T2? Is there any specific reason why indeed this stretch of Quay St to at least Tangihua St is not already a T2? Bob Holdstock, Auckland.

Auckland Transport is currently progressing with the design for a signalised intersection at Tamaki Drive and Ngapipi Rd but this does not include an extension to the existing T2 lane through the Tamaki Drive / Ngapipi Rd intersection.

The restriction in capacity occurs prior to this point, and therefore a T2 lane is only required to the east of the intersection at this stage.

To the west of this intersection, all vehicles are able to move through to The Strand in reasonably good time, and so there is no need to consider an alternative lane configuration for this section. Will you have to change trains if you want to go on the western line at the new multi-level Mt Eden station if you are travelling from Britomart via the new citylink? Brendan Mulligan, Auckland.

No, you won't. The western line goes from Britomart to Swanson.