Sometimes seeing is believing. Sometimes it helps to see your politicians in action in order to judge whether they can be trusted and whether they are capable of defending their policies.

Today the Herald begins a series where voters get to do that.

Over eight days, will bring you an in-depth interview with different political leaders who are seeking your support this election.

We'll have a highlights video package and a full-length interview with an index to the subjects discussed (scroll down to see the index for the above Internet Mana video interview).


The Herald will run highlights as well, starting with the first joint interview for the Internet Mana leadership team, Hone Harawira and Laila Harre.

They will be followed by Colin Craig of the Conservative Party tomorrow, Act's Jamie Whyte on Saturday, Peter Dunne of United Future on Monday, the Maori Party's Te Ururoa Flavell on Tuesday, Green co-leaders Russel Norman and Metiria Turei on Wednesday, Labour leader David Cunliffe on Thursday and Prime Minister John Key on Friday.

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The series was filmed on location at the Herald studio in Auckland. On the panel for all the interviews was accomplished NewstalkZB host Rachel Smalley, popular Herald columnists Toby Manhire and Fran O'Sullivan and myself, the Herald's political editor.

The leaders were given the time to explain their views on a wide range of issues in a respectful environment but not without being challenged occasionally.

We were initially worried when many said they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. But if they enjoyed it, hopefully you will too.

Hone Harawira and Laila Harre say they've learned a lot from each other. Photo / NZ Herald

We also initially hoped to bring you nine interviews but New Zealand First leader Winston Peters withdrew the day before, saying the Herald had under-estimated the numbers at his campaign launch. He confirmed that decision the day of his interview, citing John Armstrong's stinging commentary on his "two Wongs" joke.

Mr Peters was not willing to be tested in a longer interview but the other leaders will show you something of their character and grasp of the issues in the series.


Dotcom the 'visionary' and the 'F*** John Key' video:

What topics the leaders discussed and where to find them in the full Internet Mana interview
40s How Internet Mana appeal to youth vote

2m 48s The Hone-Laila partnership

4m.15s Drawing outsiders to politics

6m The technology sector and progressive politics

7m 48s The road trip changes Kim Dotcom

8m 56s Dotcom's empathy with Maori injustice

10m 1s The relationship with Labour

11m.31s Gaming the MMP system and the endurance of partnership

16m 13s The attraction of the Internet Mana road trip

17m 42s Kim Dotcom as Internet Party "visionary"

21m 17s The integration of Mana and Internet policies

22m 20s Te Tai Tokerau, Hone Harawira and Kelvin Davis

26m 20s F*** John Key video, LBJ protests and "Sugar Daddy"

34m 12s Their top policy priorities

40s 56s The prospect of "one mean bunch" in Parliament

42m 07s Economic development of the Far North

45m 01s Foreign investment in NZ, Lochinver station

47.51s Why voters should choose Internet Mana

* The Internet Mana interview took place on Friday August 8, 2014.