Alcohol has been banned from the Gallipoli commemorations after the Turkish Parliament passed a law to make the events alcohol-free.

The Hurriyet Daily News has reported that a new law has designated the Gallipoli Peninsula National Park as a special historical area. Tens of thousands New Zealanders and Australians camp there beneath the stars before the commemorations.

Anyone who drinks alcohol in the park will be fined 5000 Turkish Liras (NZ$2681).

The Hurriyet Daily News reported that the main opposition Republican People's Party deputy Ali Saribas opposed the bill, saying that on April 25, the grandchildren of Anzac soldiers will be camped in the open air during dawn services, "drinking wine, in accordance with their culture".


In 2009 RSA president president Robin Klitscher asked young Kiwi revellers to stay away from the Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli to protect the peninsula from overcrowding.

The 90th anniversary of Anzac Day was criticised for the number of boozers at the site.