Chances of an election year tie-up between Hone Harawira's Mana Party and Kim Dotcom's internet Party are "looking good" and a deal could be concluded next week, Mr Harawira says.

The two minor parties have for months been edging towards an alliance.

Mr Harawira yesterday said he had expected the deal would be concluded last week. "That's not the case but we have to have it done and dusted by the first of June."

Mana would meet the internet Party today which may result in a final proposal or heads of agreement.


"Possibly, if we close that off tomorrow we'll be out around the traps over the weekend and early into next week."

Any final proposal for a tie-up needs to be taken around Mana's rohe or regional groups before the party's executive makes a final decision.

Mr Harawira said the issues holding up a heads of agreement were "not majors", though he added the issue of who would lead the internet Party remained a critical one.