A ''feral'' student party in Stafford St in Dunedin yesterday was shut down by police, amid concerns for the safety of intoxicated people climbing on the outside of a three-storey flat.

Sergeant Dion Phair said police received multiple calls from Stafford St residents complaining about noise and people climbing on the fire escapes. It was also reported someone had thrown a beer bottle at police, he said.

''It was a bit feral. I think they had a flat red-card where one of the 20 tenants pulls out a red card, and everyone else goes on the booze for the day. It's a pretty common practice in student flats.''

The party started about 7am yesterday but was shut down by police about 4pm when four earlier warnings went unheeded.


No-one was charged, but details of the incident had been sent to the University of Otago proctor, he said.