Boris the giant schnauzer has been put down.

The 6-year-old was sentenced to death last week in the Thames District Court after attacking a woman at a Whitianga bed-and-breakfast last October.

Jennifer Layton, who pleaded guilty to owning a dog that attacked a person, had been considering going to the High Court in a bid to save him.

But after another person laid a complaint about an incident involving Boris late last year, she gave up any further legal action and said goodbye to her beloved dog, who was destroyed on Wednesday morning.


"They [the Thames Coromandel District Council] were entitled to come and take him away with a police escort at any time of the day," Mrs Layton said. "I was beside myself. It was just awful."

Her lawyer, Scott Leith, said she would also not go ahead with an appeal against being disqualified from owning a dog for five years.

Mr Leith said Mrs Layton and her husband, Brian, were "exhausted emotionally and financially" and "simply cannot go on".

"When two pensioners are up against the resources of the Thames Coromandel District Council, it simply isn't a fair fight," he said.

Mrs Layton said she felt "dead", having spent $3800 on training for Boris with animal trainer Mark Vette to rectify his issues and change his living space.