A 12-year-old maths whiz who is studying at university is trying to help other students learn.

Tristan Pang, who attained 91 per cent in the Cambridge A Level exam, is head boy at Ficino School in Mt Eden, and is also taking maths papers at the University of Auckland.

Next year, he will study maths and science full-time at the university, with the aim of becoming an inventor or scientist.

Tristan has previously featured in the Herald after winning an award for a science project that put claims behind Fonterra's light-proof milk bottles to the test.


His advanced studies are all done in his own time, and now he has added to the after-school workload by setting up a website to teach others.

He came up with the idea after being asked by others for help with their maths, including pupils at Pt England School, where he had given a talk at a careers day.

"I had to go to school myself, so I made Tristan's Learning Hub, which is me using videos to teach people," he told the Herald.

Tristan, who gave a presentation at a TEDx event in Auckland last year, said the videos used "in-depth vertical learning". At present there are around 30 videos on maths, but Tristan has plans to add English and science videos.

Learn like Tristan
*Tristan Pang is only 12 but is studying maths at the University of Auckland this year.
*Tristan has designed a website to help others to learn.
*The not-for-profit website explains math concepts in videos.

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