A nine-year-old boy is missing and police and his family are appealing urgently for help tonight.

Linkin Kuka left his home in Sunnyside Rd, Sunnyvale, West Auckland, to play with a friend who lives in nearby Millbrook Road. Linkin was expected home later in the afternoon.

He arrived at his friend's house in Millbrook Road at about 10am, but left shortly because his friend was sick, and unable to play.

When he did not return home by 5.30pm, his family contacted the police.


Linkin is Maori with short dark hair. Police said he was last seen was wearing grey denim shorts and a grey/black T-shirt with a black pocket on the front. He was also wearing a purple and black baseball cap with "NY" on the front.

Linkin, who is described as a friendly boy, has epilepsy. He was due to have his medication at around 5pm.

Police said Linkin was carrying a green, MGP-brand scooter. The scooter has no wheels.

A Sunnyside Rd resident who lives near the Kukas said the police launched a major search this evening. "There's been a chopper bussing over with spotlights for quite a while, just doing circles over our house and shining a light down on this big subdivision development across the way from us. There was a cop car with a spotlight over there as well, circling for a while."

He hoped Linkin was found soon and said his thoughts were with the Kuka family. "It would be awful."

He said a local shopping mall was searched earlier.

A Police Northern Communications spokesman said at 10.03pm Linkin was still missing and the police were searching bushes, drains and other secluded areas.

Anyone who sees Linkin or knows where he is must call the police on 111 immediately.