Key Points:

Here are the top news stories today, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about tomorrow:

1. Cairns' lawyer arrested

Chris Cairns has acknowledged for the first time he is now under investigation from the Metropolitan Police and the International Cricket Council anti-corruption unit. The news comes as Cairns seeks new legal counsel after the arrest of his former lawyer Andrew Fitch-Holland in London. Former New Zealand cricketer Chris Cairns. Photo / Brett Phibbs

2. Satellite spots 122 objects

They are the most tantalising clues yet: 122 objects spotted by satellite, floating in the turbulent Indian Ocean where officials believe the missing Malaysian jetliner went down. Read more: Kiwi Paul Weeks' sister blasts insensitive handling of disaster

3. NZ's worst intersection revealed (+map)

A South Auckland intersection that claimed 50 casualties in a decade has topped a list of the country's 100 most dangerous intersections.

4. Revealed: How parts of our bodies get pudgy

What makes some parts of our bodies pudgy - but others free of fat? Massey University scientist Dr Sebastian Schmeier has been working with an international team that has identified the central control regions for all human genes.

5. Dotcom blasts 'disgusting smear campaign'

Kim Dotcom launched the online membership drive for his party this afternoon under the cloud of claims his ownership of a rare copy of Hitler's book Mein Kampf is evidence of Nazi sympathies.

6. Weepu suffered minor stroke

Blues halfback Piri Weepu is out of Super Rugby for at least four weeks after expert diagnosis this week determined he had recently suffered a minor stroke.

7. Cycle abuse email goes viral

An offensive email sent by a Christchurch business to a woman complaining about the driving of one of its workers has gone viral.

8. Ukraine's combat dolphins

Of all the Ukrainian military assets Russia has seized during the takeover of navy's assets, none is quite as unusual as the combat dolphin programme. The programme is shrouded in myth, but the dolphins are believed to have been trained to kill frogmen with special harpoons or knives fitted to their backs, or drag them to the surface to be captured. Photo / Thinkstock

9. Bin Laden's son-in-law convicted

A federal jury finds Sulaiman Abu Ghaith guilty of conspiring to kill Americans and providing support to al-Qaeda.

10. Parachute music festival cancelled

New Zealand's longest-running music festival, Parachute, is no longer financially viable and has been cancelled. The largely-Christian event has been running for 24 years, but this year's festival at Mystery Creek in January was its last. Watch: Interview with Mark de Jong about the cancellation -, APNZ, AP