A High Court jury will continue deliberating this morning on verdicts for five people charged over the fatal bashing of Wairarapa man Glen Jones.

Four people - Tariana Jones, 33, Kristofer Jones, 23, Matthew McKinney, 29, and Hayden Ranson, 28 - have denied murdering the 40-year-old supermarket worker at his Featherston flat last January.

He died about five hours after the attack on January 11 as a result of head injuries.

The Crown allege the four defendants attacked Mr Jones, while another member of their group - Toni Miller, 23 - waited on the street.


Miller, who is also on trial at the High Court in Wellington, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of aggravated burglary with a wooden bat and axe handle.

Crown prosecutor Grant Burston submitted that the "vigilante attack"on Mr Jones was in retaliation to an allegation of rape made against him by someone known to the group.

The jury of five men and six women were yesterday instructed by Justice Alan MacKenzie to consider the verdict of each defendant without prejudice.

Before retiring for the evening, they were advised against discussing the case outside the jury room, and were also warned to steer clear of media coverage of the case.

Justice MacKenzie reminded the jury any evidence given by the defendants was only admissible in their own cases, and could not be applied to forming a verdict in the case of one of their co-accused.

While all five defendants were facing charges, each charge for each defendant had to be considered independently, Justice MacKenzie said.

For a guilty verdict on any charge, the jury must be sure the Crown had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt, he said.

Defence case

Steve Winter, lawyer for Ranson said his client - who had already pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated burglary with a wooden bat and axe handle - was guilty of manslaughter not murder.


He was an outsider in the group and there is no evidence showing he had any link to the rape complainant, Mr Winter said.

Ranson had admitted he "had a tab to pick up for his behaviour"in Featherston, but he did not embark on the trip to Featherston from Masterton, or enter into Mr Jones' flat, knowing he or one of his co-accused would deliver the fatal blows to Mr Jones, Mr Winter said.

Mike Antunovic, lawyer for McKinney - who has also pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated burglary with a wooden bat and axe handle - said his client was also guilty of manslaughter, as the Crown had failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he had personal knowledge of the probability of murder occurring.

Tariana Jones and Kristofer Jones have pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Paul Paino, Kristofer Jones' lawyer, said in his closing submissions that his client never wanted to go to Featherston. The evidence given by two of his co-accused, which placed his client with a weapon at the scene, was also unreliable, Mr Paino said.

Jock Blathwayt, who is representing Tariana Jones, said there was not enough evidence to prove his client had contributed significantly to the fatal blows on Mr Jones by stomping on him.

Miller's lawyer, Louise Elder, said the evidence showed her client was bored and detached from the rest of the group, meaning she was unaware of any discussions or plans of an attack on Mr Jones.

Glen Jones:
* Age 40

* Had some disabilities, including learning difficulties and epilepsy

* Lived independently at his small flat on Fitzherbert St

* Had worked at a supermarket for 15 years