The man whose ground work led to John Banks facing trial accused of filing a false election return is seeking to recover the money he spent on pursuing the matter.

Retired Wellington accountant Graham McCready brought a private prosecution against the Act Party leader and Epsom MP and the prosecution was in his hands until taken over by the Crown late last year.

Now Mr McCready, who is also seeking to lay charges against Auckland Mayor Len Brown in a separate matter, wants to recover between $10,000 and $20,000 for almost a year's work on the Banks case.

He delivered his costs application to the High Court at Auckland today. It seeks an interim order saying if Banks were convicted, Mr McCready would be entitled to financial recompense.


Alternatively, he is asking for the Crown to pay his costs.

"The private prosecutor was successful in having the defendant summonsed to appear in the Auckland District Court and adducing sufficient evidence to commit him to trial,'' Mr McCready's application says of himself.

He told APNZ he wanted costs from the Crown now, which would be spent on other private prosecutions and donations to charity.

"If the Crown are successful they can claim it back from Banks on conviction.''

The prosecution relates to donations Banks allegedly solicited and received from controversial internet millionaire Kim Dotcom and casino company SkyCity that were later declared as anonymous in the electoral return he signed for his 2010 Auckland mayoralty campaign.

Banks is due to stand trial at the High Court this year.

Mr McCready is known for his pursuit of public figures through the courts but is no stranger to the dock himself, last year admitting a charge of blackmail.

A Crown Law spokeswoman said she was unable to comment as the office had not yet been served with any application.

Banks could not be reached for comment.