The UK-based New Zealand mother who lost a legal battle over her son receiving treatment for his cancer says he is cancer-free and looking forward to returning to school.

Sally Roberts says her son Neon's spirits were up, and he would return to school when he was strong enough after the completing radiotherapy.

"I'm incredibly proud of Neon and he's handled everything incredibly well and doing okay,'' she told BBC Five Live.

"Now that the treatment's finished he's making a recovery.


"He's not quite as lively as his twin sister but he's an incredible little boy and his spirits are up and he's handled everything so well. I'm so proud.''

Neon was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2012 and after initial surgery to remove it, his mother tried to prevent the treatment continuing. She went on the run with the boy, evading authorities for four days, believing that radiotherapy would "fry his brain''.

The fight was taken to the High Court in Britain, where a judge ruled Neon should be treated with conventional therapy and live with his father, Ben, at his London home.

Ms Roberts still believed there were alternative treatments available for her son, but said a recent scan had shown there are no signs of the cancer returning, BBC reported.

"I feel exactly the same as a year ago - thrilled. That's what I want to make clear is that he was cancer-free a year ago, which is why I was against the treatment a year ago because I think radiation as a precautionary measure is harsh.'