A speeding driver clocked at 207 km/h has been made to sell his car by his angry parents.

Corey Ennis, 21, was disqualified from driving for nine months and ordered to carry out 80 hours of community work when he was sentenced at Timaru District Court today.

He was caught driving his Nissan Skyline at more than twice the legal speed limit on Seadown Rd on January 11.

The officer who nabbed him, Senior Constable Alister Doonan, said at the time it was the fastest speed he had recorded in his 30-year career.


He said neither Ennis, or a second person in the car - thought to have been Ennis' brother - had the correct licence to take the wheel.

The freezing worker was today said to be ``quite upset'' about his conviction, with a family member, who did not want to be named, saying he regretted his actions.

Ennis' parents have "put their foot down'' and told him to get rid of the car, the family member told APNZ.

"He's been made to sell the car.''

However, Ennis has denied police claims he was showing off at the time he was clocked, telling One News he was "trying to sort out'' the vehicle and "get it running'' properly.

"If I was showing off I'd do skids or something,'' he told the broadcaster.

Ennis told One News it didn't feel like was going very fast, saying "it's not too much faster than 150'', but admitted "there's no need for that [kind of speed] is there''.

"I guess someone could have run out, but then it's a main road you don't normally run out on a main road do you?''