Emergency department nurse Kay Hamilton watched helplessly as the life drained from her fox terrier puppy after she was hit by a speeding quad bike on Haumoana Beach in Hawkes Bay.

On a regular walk last Thursday evening, Ms Hamilton's 8-month-old dog Rosie was hit with enough force to cause massive, fatal internal injuries.

A quad bike driver, who was speeding with two adult passengers on the back, made no attempt to slow as he passed a young child at the water's edge or neared the curious dog.

"It was going as fast as a quad bike would go, full throttle, 50, 60, 70km/h...I can still hear the roar of the bike when I close my eyes at night," Ms Hamilton said.


"If that little boy had run out, it would have been me running down the beach to help him, if they had hit a tree or a log with no helmets and three adults, they could have flipped the bike."

After carrying on for a short distance the driver stopped, got off his bike and began to hurl abuse at Ms Hamilton, despite the fact she was walking Rosie in a designated off-lead zone.

"He was just so nasty, showing no remorse, to me that's despicable; he wouldn't even admit that he was doing a dumb act by speeding - they were yahooing as they went over the undulations of the shore," she said.

"He had no regard for anyone's life."

After Rosie was hit, she died in Ms Hamilton's arms as she carried her home.

"Support has been amazing, I have had flowers and the kindy made me a card...Haumoana is a family place, a caring place, I never expected this to happen here."

It was not the first case of a dog being killed by a quad bike on the stretch of beach, Ms Hamilton said.

"I am sickened and saddened that once again a small majority are spoiling it for the rest of us by their selfish antics and I fear before long a serious accident or death will be reported," she said.


While Hastings District Council does not have a bylaw in place banning the use of motorbikes on Haumoana Beach, there is one which designates speed limits in various areas of the district. For beaches, that is a maximum of 20km/h.

Hastings District Council Community Safety Manager Phil Evans confirmed Mrs Hamilton was allowed to be walking Rosie unrestrained on the stretch where she was killed.