Holiday makers are being urged not to forget about the furrier members of their family as they head on their summer getaway.

SPCA Wellington chief investigator Ritchie Dawson says people who are going away on holiday need to think carefully about what to do with their animals.

He says pet owners need to provide adequate information and resources to anyone who's looking after their animals.

"It's just to ensure that they have enough food whilst you're away as well as having your emergency contact phone numbers, mobiles, as well as knowing who the vet is in case of a veterinary emergency for that animal."


And pet owners wanting to take their animals with them on outings are being urged to think twice before loading them into the car.

The SPCA says hot cars can cause heat-stress in animals, which can be fatal.

Mr Dawson says if it's not necessary to take your animals in the car, leave them at home.

"Rather than sitting inside a vehicle and you stop, go into the shops for five or 10 minutes and it becomes particularly hot in a vehicle very very quickly, and dogs get heat distress quite rapidly."