New Zealanders celebrating Christmas in Antarctica are enjoyed a mild zero degrees, and a feast of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Senior officer at Scott Base Lieutenant Commander Barry Holmes says everyone gets the day off for a barbeque on the ice, and secret Santa.

Later in the day they've been invited to the American camp.

But Lieutenant Commander Holmes says the biggest treat is the novelty of fresh food.


"Today is exceptionally special and the chefs have been working very hard over the last few days to get things prepared. We've had a few fresh fruit and vegetables sent down. This is a really fantastic spread they put on for us."

He says it's hard being away from families but it'll be a sunny day to remind them of summer at home.

"In the wind it's about minus 11 degrees at the moment but in the sun it's glorious, actually feels really warm in the sun but it's about zero degrees. So it's very, very warm for us here."