The Auckland SPCA has cut the cost of adopting cats and kittens by half over the Christmas period, saying the organisation is at "crisis point" with too many felines arriving on their doorstep.

The cost of adopting a kitten up to six months old has dropped from $160 to $80 and the cost of an adult cat up to seven years old has dropped from $105 to $52.50.

The deal applies from tomorrow and runs until January 12, said SPCA Auckland chief executive Christine Kalin.

"We're at crisis point with 543 cats and kittens ready for adoption right now - and more arriving every day. Just yesterday, we had more than 100 extra animals come into our care - in one day.


"Cats are arriving faster than we can find new homes for them. We simply cannot accommodate any more. It's our job to rescue animals but right now we have nowhere to put them. So we're appealing to the public for their urgent help and cutting the price of cat and kitten adoptions in half.

"If you've been considering getting a pet, please take advantage of this great deal, help the lost, abandoned, and abused animals of Auckland by adopting a cat or kitten from the SPCA, and give them the gift of a secure home for life this Christmas."

She said it was a "really sweet deal" for potential pet owners because the animals have been checked by a veterinarian, de-sexed, micro-chipped, wormed, treated for fleas, and given initial vaccinations.

"It's the most cost-effective way of getting a pet. And the money you pay us goes directly to saving other animals.

"We don't encourage people to give pets as Christmas presents because this can lead to the dumping of unwanted animals immediately after the Yuletide cheer and the novelty has worn off.

"Having said that, if you and your family are prepared to care for and nurture your new companion animal, the school holidays are an excellent time to adopt an animal for your children as it gives them and the animal a chance to settle in before the new term starts."

The SPCA was also desperate for people to foster cats or kittens over the Christmas holidays when regular carers were on holiday.

Cats can be viewed at the SPCA Auckland Animal Village, 50 Westney Rd, Mangere, between 10am and 4pm each day, or visit