A decision to stop private contractors performing council parking enforcement services in Wellington could mean less tickets for drivers, the AA says.

From next July, all parking enforcement services for the Wellington City Council will be brought back in-house - a move applauded by the Automobile Association.

"This is great news for Wellington motorists," AA spokesman Mark Stockdale said. "The AA currently receives more complaints about parking in Wellington than any other city, and the number of tickets and value of those tickets is proportionally higher than for any other metropolitan city.

"On average there have been 1.3 tickets issued per person per year in Wellington, seven times as many as Auckland. The AA has been concerned that the contracting out of council parking enforcement in Wellington has incentivised ticketing."


Mr Stockdale hoped council-employed parking wardens would focus more on vehicle turnover and safety, rather than revenue collection.

Earlier this year, debate around the city's parking ticket regime flared following a media report that Wellington city councillor Paul Eagle received a $40 fine within what he believed was the six-minute grace period of his parking expiring.

After receiving the ticket, Mr Eagle called for parking enforcement services to be brought back in-house.

Council enforcement services in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch are all in-house.