Tegan Gadsby, 7, was gutted to find her early Christmas present from her nana destroyed.

A pupil at Masterton Primary School, Tegan found her scooter with the handlebars ripped off and the wheels damaged after it had gone missing at school.

Her mother Loretta Gadsby said Tegan had taken her new wheels to school and her scooter was put into a classroom with all the other scooters to be kept safe. It went missing and turned up a week later in another classroom, unable to be used.

When Tegan finally got it back she said she felt "just really sad" and cried.


"She was beside herself," said her mother.

"How could someone do that to any kid? The school said it was the kid's responsibility to put it away but she did.

"It's just not fair, someone needs to be accountable."

The scooter had been given to Tegan as an early Christmas present by her grandmother.

"My Mum thought she would give it to her early because Tegan has had a tough year," said Ms Gadsby.

Tegan loved the 'Monster High' themed scooter and had been wanting one for a while, she said.

"As soon as we saw it, we thought cool we'll get that. She couldn't wait to open it, she was ripping it open."

Ms Gadsby said it wasn't a great ending to the year. The principal of Masterton Primary School could not be contacted for comment yesterday.