On Tamaki Drive at Kelly Tarlton's corner the council has put a dedicated cycle lane on the left hand side of the road going towards Mission Bay.
At the same time it has removed the white line running down the centre of the footpath. In other parts of Tamaki Drive the centre line on the footpath denotes which side of the footpath cyclists can use. Given there is no centre line on the footpath in the Kelly Tarlton's area, does this mean cyclists can no longer use the footpath and thus must use the cycle lane on the side of the road? Ross Stevenson, Auckland.

That's exactly what it means. It's all part of a safety upgrade of pretty much the whole length of Tamaki Drive. Pedestrians may now use the width of the footpath and cyclists have a dedicated lane on the road. The changes around Kelly Tarlton's include two raised pedestrian crossings, new cycle lane markings, new coach and bus parking bay, coach stop relocation, "gateway" markings indicating to road users that they are nearing the approaches to Kelly Tarlton's, and realignment and reconstruction of the median island. For a complete overview of the changes go to tinyurl.com/tamakidr

On a trip out west recently we noticed building going on beside Lopdell House in Titirangi. What is it, what will it be used for and when will it be finished? More to the point, who's paying for it? Sally Riley, Mt Albert.

It's the new gallery building. It will, when finished late next year, contain six floors of exhibition space, new teaching areas, delivery workshop, preparation and storage spaces, and new electrical and air-conditioning services. Visit www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz and go to council projects to see what the finished building will look like.


As part of the total redevelopment of the site, new free carparks have been added behind Lopdell House, and the house itself, a category 1 heritage building, is being earthquake strengthened. The old building is being refurbished, and the roof area opened up again.

The little building in the carpark, Lopdell Hall, has also been upgraded and refurbished. The building pre-dates Lopdell House, and was called the Treasure House to acknowledge its past as a home to Maori artefacts and carvings.

The $20 million Lopdell Precinct project is being funded by the Lopdell House Development Trust, Auckland Council, ASB Community Trust and the Trusts Community Foundation.

I took down my VHF aerial on November 30 and I am looking to recycle it. One firm quoted $25 to take it away for me. The Lions don't seem to have their recycling scheme going. Sims Recycling Solutions weren't interested. I'd like to just put it in the blue recycling bin. Any suggestions? Tony Cooper, Auckland.

TV Aerial Recyclers appear to be the folk you need: www.tvaerialrecyclers.co.nz or (09) 473 4331.