Transport Agency says it may address signs when Western Ring Route is finally finished

Q: I would be grateful for your advice on how some confusing signage might be rectified at the fairly recently completed SH16 on-ramp at Brighams Creek heading to Auckland.

Visitors to Whenuapai and Herald Island wishing to return to Auckland must navigate through two roundabouts just prior to the on-ramp to SH16. The first roundabout includes the access to the North Shore via the new Upper Harbour link and is correctly signposted "North Shore". The second roundabout includes an exit to Hobsonville and also the on-ramp to Auckland. Instead of the signage reading "Auckland" it says "Waitakere". This is very confusing and silly and many visitors wrongly choose the North Shore exit at the first roundabout as the only name they recognise that might lead them back to Auckland. Crazy! What can be done? - Bill Mathews, Herald Island.


For a city the size of Auckland, the Transport Agency follows international guidelines relating to signage to help people reach their destinations safely. It is not possible on busy and high speed highways to list every destination so the Transport Agency relies on destination "stage" names at the beginning and end of each section of motorway. For people, especially visitors unfamiliar with Auckland, signs are just one aid to help them navigate their planned route - other aids can include maps and electronic navigational systems. The Transport Agency has no immediate plans to review signage but longer term some changes may be needed when the Western Ring Route motorway is completed.

• Further to the Silverdale pole, this from the Hibiscus Matters newsletter: A monument to the European history of settlement in Silverdale is to be erected at the park 'n' ride. The wooden pole, which will stand 4m above ground, with a 2m girth, has been commissioned by Auckland Transport at the instigation of the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board. It will be carved from a totara tree by the same carver from Paremoremo Prison who made the wooden seats for Te Ara Tahuna - the Orewa Estuary walk and cycleway. At the top will be a stainless steel cap with the word 'Silverdale' on it.

The carving, which will take several months, will be erected on the Hibiscus Coast Highway side of the park 'n' ride for maximum visibility. The cost is about $6,000.


• And a bouquet: Whoever programmed the lights at the intersection of Ti Rakau Drive and Chapel Rd should be congratulated and put in charge of programming all traffic lights, says David Shannon from Mellons Bay.

The green/red phases for each direction are consistent and reasonable in length. We who use this intersection regularly know exactly where the cycle is and when we will be allowed to proceed.

Well done someone!