After working as an artist part-time for a couple of years, Allan Wrath decided in February to give it his full attention.

"I didn't see how it was going to work with another baby," said Mr Wrath, who has two young children. "My wife said to me, 'It's now or never, you've got to start doing what you talk about' ... we took the plunge, we haven't been without."

Today, his work is wrapped around the Herald in a creative project which was guided by Sir John Kirwan.

"It was good chatting with him [JK]," Mr Wrath said.


"He just said he wanted to display this positive slogan, JAFA - Just Another Fantastic Aucklander -and he was inspired to see it on T-shirts.

"And he wanted to see everything that was great about Auckland put into the illustration."

Mr Wrath, from Browns Bay, also works as a graphic designer, sells art work through his gallery and does photography.