Another RadioLive host has come under fire, this time for an interview with a caller who said she was raped as a 14-year-old.

Night-time host Andrew Fagan copped flak after the woman told how she had met a boy she fancied on the way home from school.

At his house, she drank alcohol for the first time and woke up realising she had lost her virginity.

Fagan asked her if it was consensual. "Did you not hear what I just said?" she replied. He replied: "Yes, but you said you fancied him."


The woman described the incident as a "horrible moment" that she had had to live with all her life.

"I guess I'd lived with the, not guilt, but it was a sad moment for me that that's how I lost my virginity when I don't even remember," she said.

Fagan said alcohol had been a factor, which both his co-host, wife Karyn Hay, and the caller questioned.

In on-line reaction, the segment was described as "truly ghastly".

Yesterday, RadioLive apologised over hosts Willie Jackson and John Tamihere's questioning of a girl who says she is friends with some Roast Busters victims.