A Hamilton's mayoral candidate's bid to withdraw from contention has been thwarted by officials, who insist he must remain in the race.

Dave Macpherson is still in contention to be Hamilton's mayor - despite deciding he no longer wants the job.

His decision to pull out and support Ewan Wilson's bid for the mayoral chains was thwarted by election officials.

Hamilton City Council electoral officer Jude Pani says candidates may not withdraw without good reason.


She says further to a reported public announcement by Mr Macpherson of his withdrawal from the election, voters are advised that a candidate cannot withdraw after the close of nominations unless the candidate becomes incapacitated.

"No evidence of incapacity has been provided to the electoral officer and accordingly Mr Macpherson has been advised that he cannot withdraw. Those electors who have voted for Mr Macpherson are assured that their votes are valid as Mr Macpherson is still a mayoral candidate."

- Hamilton News