Police are enjoying an increase in public confidence after a new survey found nearly 80 per cent of respondents place their trust in them.

The latest Citizens' Satisfaction survey found 79 per cent of the nearly 10,000 respondents trusted and were confident in the country's officers - up two per cent from last year.

The independently-run survey asked people their views about police, feelings of safety and what their service experience was like if they recently had contact with police.

Commissioner Peter Marshall said the high level of trust and confidence was never taken for granted, and staff worked hard to improve it year by year.


Respondents' perceptions of police responsiveness to their community increased by two per cent, with 80 per cent agreeing or strongly agreeing that police responses were appropriate.

Overall satisfaction with service delivery was high, with 83 per cent of people either satisfied or very satisfied with the contact they had with police.

However, only just over half - 54 per cent - of those surveyed said they felt safe in their city or town centre after dark.