A violent tirade of abuse unleashed by former All Black Jerry Collins at terrified staff in a Chinese takeaway has been captured on tape.

Collins threatened workers at Noodle Canteen in Wellington's Courtenay Place this month over the time they took to prepare his order.

"Do you want to die motherf*****?" he shouted. "I'm going to knock your ass out motherf*****. Be very careful."

"I'm going to f***** break your ... I'll break everything."


Collins, 32, also swore in French - and left only after a manager gave him $50, one staff member said.

The 24-year-old worker, who asked to be identified only as Carrie, said Collins arrived at the eatery with a "short, fat" man.

He was swaying as he walked in, she said.

"He was pointing at the menu, quite random, [saying], 'I want this. I want that'. We cooked for him and he asked for cashew nuts and prawn crackers as well - so he paid twice."

The meal took about five minutes to prepare, Carrie said. But a disgruntled Collins told staff they were "too slow" and he no longer wanted the food.

When staff refused to refund the money he had paid, he began to get angry, she said, and started banging on the glass-top counter.

"I was a little bit scared ... and there were some customers sitting here.

"He just kept banging ... so my boss gave him $20, because he paid less than $20."

Collins continued banging and said "not enough, extra $20".

Carrie's employer than handed over another $20 note, however Collins again shouted "not enough", she said.

"My boss was holding, like, $5 so he gave him all the money ... and then he left."

A diner who recorded the outburst on his phone said he saw Collins thumping a glass counter and swearing at the Chinese staff.

"He was right out of line. It was frightening. He's a mountain of a man."

Wellington police communications manager Nick Bohm said officers arrested Collins about 10.20pm after a complaint from the Noodle Canteen.

He was held at Wellington police station for detox and trespassed from the Noodle Canteen premises at the request of the manager.

He said police could revisit the case if more information came to hand.

"Like any complaint we receive, we'll assess any new information we receive."

The incident at the Noodle Canteen came about 16 hours after Collins abused staff at Wellington Hospital's emergency department.

Collins' agent Tim Castle did not respond to requests for comment.

Collins was arrested in Japan this year for possessing 17cm knives in a department store. He claimed he was being hunted by a Brazilian gang, and was released after spending 10 days in police custody.