Libby the cat was put in a sack and left for dead in the boot of an abandoned car - but six weeks later still nobody wants her.

The moggy was left trapped inside a rundown car dumped at Pick-a-Part wreckers in Greerton and despite the best efforts of the SPCA nobody has offered to give her a new home.

The feline could have been stuck inside the car for days if Wendy Graydon did not hear her meowing back when she was dumped.

Mrs Graydon, who lives at the wreckers, saw the abandoned car and checked it out.


"It was out in the yard, it had been left there over the weekend. I heard a noise coming from the boot and opened it up. She was there in a sack. I didn't want to take her out of the sack because I didn't know if she was wild and thought she would be pretty grumpy so I took it to the SPCA."

Mrs Graydon said she wished she had checked the car earlier so Libby could have been spared some of the ordeal.

"It doesn't make you feel very nice. I don't usually have much to do with the cars but I went over and checked it out. It's strange it was just left there, you usually get money

for bringing in your cars, you don't just dump it. That was unusual."

SPCA inspector Jason Blair came to check out the car to see if there was any way to identify who the owner had been but the car was already crushed.

The car was an old square-shaped brown sedan and looked to date from the mid-1980s.

Mr Blair said he thought Libby was aged about 10, which was why the organisation was having trouble finding it a home. He said the cat was independent but still liked a cuddle.

"She needs to go to a home to show her true personality. We've had a number of specials in the weeks since we got her but she's unfortunately been overlooked. It's her age that counts against her. She's re-homeable so we're just going to keep her here until she finds a home."

Libby was fine but hungry when she was brought in to the SPCA. "She wasn't too freaked out, she was friendly and affectionate from the start."