A call was made during Amandeep Singh's funeral in India for a speedy outcome to the police investigation into his apparent murder in Gisborne.

Three-hundred mourners farewelled the 22-year-old at his home village last week, in what his cousin describes as a tearful, very moving funeral.

The homicide inquiry continues into his death in Gisborne on the night of December 29.

The ashes of Mr Singh were taken to the village of Agwanpur in Bijnor province, in the north of the country, by his cousin Atma Sidhu.


The Singh family were anxious to see someone charged in relation to Amandeep's death, Mr Sidhu said.

"They are hoping to see this tragic thing finished soon.

"They want to see someone caught for this very bad murder."

Police have been providing regular updates on their inquiry to the victim's family.

A dozen detectives, including some from out-of-town, remain involved in the investigation.

Head of Gisborne CIB, Detective Senior Sergeant Craig Scott, said they were continuing to work through the information they had received.

He is not providing a further public update on the investigation at this stage.

The funeral service for Amandeep Singh lasted three days.

"Three days of prayers were held for him at the house where he was born," Mr Sidhu said.

On Friday his ashes were taken 300 kilometres to a Sikh holy place called Kartarbur in the Punjab.

"There is a big Sikh temple there and Amandeep's ashes were scattered on a river nearby.

"Amandeep's mother and father attended, along with his 21-year-old sister Karmjeet Kaur, and most of his cousins, uncles, aunts and others.

"It was a very sad funeral. Everyone was very tearful."

Mr Sidhu said Amandeep's mother Sukhwinder was doing much better now.

She was critically ill 10 days ago and spent some time in hospital on a drip, after refusing to eat following her son's death.

"I cannot say she is OK yet, but she is at home now," Mr Sidhu said.

"She is slowly recovering from her ordeal."

- The Gisborne Herald