All Black Piri Weepu went online to vent his anger after thieves broke into his car and stole his iPhone while he was out diving.

Weepu was at Owhiro Bay on Wellington's south coast, diving for shellfish that was to be served at a funeral, and returned to find his car window smashed and his phone missing, he told his followers on Twitter.

"To the f## per cent#r that broke into my car! Better pray I don't find you!! Grrrrrrr!!!!" he wrote. "Took my iPhone!! Hope you see this tweet! Gonna track it boi!"

The phone had photos of his two young daughters - Keira and Taylor - stored on it.


Weepu said he was working on tracking the iPhone, however the thief was yet to turn it on.

The All Black posted a photo of the shattered glass all over the driver's seat.

He told fans he had done some exercise after the incident, to help take his mind off what had happened.

"I'm not as pissed [now]. Took my anger out on the street - ran Wainui Hill lol but still gutted as," he said.

He later wrote: "Don't think it worked - still pissed off."

Two sets of car keys to other vehicles owned by the player were also taken.