Prisoners will not receive visitors and will be fed a lunch worth $4 on Christmas Day this year, Corrections Services says.

For the 8500 people in the country's prisons, December 25 will "resemble a day much like any other".

Inmates will be allowed to attend church services and some, depending on their security classification, will have the opportunity for "recreational activities such as sport and music".

The main meal of the day, usually served for dinner, will be served at Christmas lunch while the dinner meal will consist of the sandwiches usually served at lunch.


"The meal will meet basic nutritional requirements but will not be lavish and prisoners who wish to attend church services on the day will be able to attend multi-denominational church services inside the wire," Corrections Services general manager Dr Brendan Anstiss said.

The meal would cost about $4 per prisoner.

Prisoners will also be prevented from seeing their loved ones on Christmas Day, with no visits taking place on any of the statutory holidays.

Normal visiting times will run over the rest of the holiday period.

Prisoners will have the opportunity to sweeten their day a little though, with Roses chocolates, Christmas mince pies, small fruit puddings and an iced Christmas cake available for purchase through the canteen system.

Pillars, a charity for children of prisoners, will run an activity centre, complete with Santa and presents, in the visitors centre in the days around Christmas when family can visit.