It's absolutely pointless asking New Zealand First voters whether Brendan Horan should resign from Parliament after being dumped from his party by leader Winston Peters.

Most of the ones who rang talkback after the election had noooo idea that when they ticked New Zealand First, they'd be getting more than that nice Winston.

You could have knocked them over with a feather when they realised they were getting more than Winnie into Parliament. It was like getting Ginsu knives included with their purchase.

Although I have some sympathy for Horan given that he's lost his job without actually being charged or convicted of any crime, he has no place sitting in Parliament. Horan has no mandate, he's been sacked from his party and he's as useless as tits on a bull in terms of his efficacy as a representative of the people.


The decent thing to do would be to resign. But of course, he would have to forego that $140,000 a year salary.

Parliament's on holiday for seven weeks so Horan could use that time to find another job. Or lie on the beach on full pay, cellphone charged, placing punts on the ponies at the New Year races.

Whatever he thinks is the right thing to do.