The visit of Prince Charles and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall cost New Zealand taxpayers $776,000.

Figures released today by the Department of Internal Affairs revealed $287,000 was spent on paying the salaries of staff involved in the visit, including staff from Clarence House.

The spend included paying for 15 of Charles and Camilla's British-based staff including event organisers, household support, media managers, Camilla's personal hairdresser and security. The London Metropolitan Police met the cost of their personal protection.

The royal couple spent six days in New Zealand last month as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Year celebrations.


The couple had more than 40 engagements in New Zealand, including the Prince's 64th birthday celebration at Government House on November 14.

The Australian and New Zealand Governments shared the return cost of commercial airfares from London to Singapore.

The Royal New Zealand Air Force flew the delegation from Canberra to Auckland, Christchurch to Singapore and on four internal flights. A New Zealand artist was attached to the delegation at the personal expense of the prince.

The visit had earlier been estimated to cost $1.05 million but had come in under budget.

What it cost:
• Scoping assessment visits - $21,000
• Advance visit -$103,000
• Accommodation and meals -$61,000
• Travel (international and domestic) $93,000
• VIP and ground transport - $78,000
• Events (Armistice Service, welcome, visitor centre opening) - $21,000
• Security: $3000
• Communications and Information (photography, communications and media) $36,000
• Salaries - $287,000
• Operating expenses - $16,000
• Office Accommodation - $26,000
• Miscellaneous and contingency - $21,000