Christchurch's Orana Wildlife Park has welcomed the birth of a baby giraffe today.

The calf, already standing at 1.7 metres, was found by animal collection manager Ian Adams this morning.

"It is a strong and healthy calf, and mother, Tunu, is doing really well too. The calf is drinking like it's going out of fashion. We are yet to determine the sex of the baby."

The new arrival is the fourth giraffe at Orana, joining three other females.


"The father of the calf was Harold, who sadly died in June. The gorgeous baby is his lasting legacy," Mr Adams said.

Orana spokesperson Nathan Hawke said staff are "80 percent sure" the calf is female, but are running tests to make sure.

A name will be given to the new arrival once the gender is determined.

The calf and Tunu have access to the Giraffe House but can be seen by the public when they venture outside.