Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include an apparent religious apparition happening in Kaikohe, a woman begging a judge not to send her to jail and the chance to own a piece of royal cake and eat it too for a good cause.

Kaikohe could apparently become a centre for religious tourism after lights on the town's Christmas tree appeared to show a vision of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus when powered up. Meanwhile Isaac Bishop of Tauranga has the Christmas spirit.

Donna Burgess spent her birthday in court begging a judge not to send her to jail.

Liz King, who was one of 64 birthday guests of Prince Charles last week, is auctioning her cake from the party for 6 year old brain tumor survivor Sophie. Meanwhile 11-year old brave battler Brendon Thompson-Garland did not survive his brain tumor.


The government ban on synthetic cannabis continues to fail with a 16 year old Oamaru teenager stoned off his nut on K2 having to be escorted home by police. "Obviously it is affecting some of our youths quite badly," said Senior Constable Craig Sew Hoy.

Brian Kiddie was chatting away when His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales wandered over and casually began to talk to him.

John Naera found himself trapped waist deep in the dairy farm effluent pond.

Meanwhile Tony Henderson is looking for the bloke who broke his rib.

A gorilla in a wheelchair was among the competitors in the Kerikeri half marathon.

Government investigators are now looking into how an inflatable bouncy slide blew away during a staff Christmas party with children in it.

A Tauranga man accused of paying a 16-year-old girl for sexual services has had his identity kept secret.

A bunch of primary school kids have been hassling the Tauranga City Council about how it disposes of it's expired batteries.

Rotorua property buyers are apparently holding the power when it comes to the city's housing market.

Robyn Harawira's oldest son was slow to talk, dyslexic, poor at reading and not interested in any school subjects and she never dreamed he was gifted.

The Whakatane woman's oldest son was slow to talk, dyslexic, poor at reading and not interested in any school subjects

Police are following up some potential sightings of missing Rotorua woman Michelle Hoffman-Tamm.

While running his Internet retail business Peter Noel Gatenby filed more than $80,000 worth of bogus GST returns.

40 percent of people and families who presented more than 20 prescriptions in a year in Gisborne were still paying for some of them even though the medicine should be free.

The driver of a car which launched through a Westshore property fence tried to get away from the crash possibly because she had a disqualified licence and was believed to have been under the influence of alcohol.

The Goat, a 21km run from Whakapapa to Turoa Ski Fields across the western slopes of Mt Ruapehu, has struck a hitch in that the volcano might erupt.

A group of exchange students from Inglewood High School venturing out in the Egmont National Park were surprised to discover a helicopter parked up at the Pouakai Tarns.

A manhunt is underway in Wanganui.

A 31-year-old woman who was hit by a bus leaving Toast Martinborough has been released from hospital. Meanwhile bashed Martinborough firefighter Peter Fisher continues to make steady progress.

UC law student Bridget Williams hopes the days of shovelling liquefaction are over.

The woman who was attacked by an unknown male assailant in her Dunedin flat yesterday is "extremely lucky" to have survived the random act of violence.

Armed with air rifles, silencers and night-vision goggles, hunters will be staking out the Alexandra bridge over the next few weeks.

Somebody is stealing hay bales from the West Harbour Pony Club.

Diabetes Otago faces an uncertain future as it works through a "divorce" from the Heart Foundation.

Apparently the response to a flash flood in Mosgiel on Saturday was "pathetic".

Want to buy a newspaper?

Meanwhile the very last retail butchery on the West Coast is to close down on December 21.

Top trending topics on Twitter in NZ at noon were: #WhenIWasACarrot, #outofmylimit, #SongsThatMakeMeCry, #LaurenFollowSpree, AMAs, David Cunliffe, Labour, New Zealand and The Wanted.